Online Media Prepares for Internet war


A good analysis on how this present conflict may mean mainstreaming of streaming news online, so to speak. And the conundrum of whether to charge in this time of crisis: “Despite the trend towards subscription models,, which ranks among the top 5 news sites, along with AOL’s proprietary news, CNN, Yahoo news and, continues to offer all of its content for free. [Dean Wright, Editor In Chief] says the company has yet to decide on a subscription plan, and is not expected to roll out a subscription offering in the spring, as it had once targeted earlier. Other news outlets, like, have also kept content free, like Dan Rather’s interview with Saddam Hussein.”

For a perspective on how Sept. 11 changed online streaming, read a story I did back then for

I am starting a new category called “Streaming Iraq” where I will cover media’s efforts in streaming live news online during the current conflict. Most of it will be stories from a business perspective.

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