Bend it like Beckham scoreless with critics


Bend it like Beckham, is the My Big Fat Greek Wedding of Europe, and last year it caused waves in Europe and India. It has finally been released in US, (too late, for DVDs are floating around on the gray market – so there goes your support from the community) and has been panned by many critics. Slate calls it “Kicking, But Not Alive” and adds, “Bend It Like Beckham is a soccer movie without great soccer.” The New York Times did its panning bit when it wrote, ” If “Bend It Like Beckham” had focused on Pinky rather than Jess, it might have been “My Big Fat Sikh Wedding.” The only redemption for the movie comes from Roger Ebert who writes in Chicago Tribune: “I am the first to admit that Gurinder Chadha is not a name on everybody’s lips, but this is her third film and I can promise you she has an unfailing instinct for human comedy that makes you feel good and laugh out loud.” Well from where I stand, the cappuccino drinking, cool-glasses wearing and dressed in black know it all critics can stuff their opinion you know where. I love this movie, and I will watch it again – because most of these critics would never know what it feels to be caught between two civilizations.

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