Xingtone loads MP3s onto cell phones


]Finally someone has come-up with the technology I have been lusting for – loading Mp3 files into your cellphone and using it as a ringtone. Well there is no point giving the company any points for originality – the name of the company has been taken from one one of the first Mp3 start-ups, Xing Networks. I have a polyphonic Samsung Q105 and I have been wondering how to get the new MZ.Dynamite track onto my cellphone. Oh well, Xingtonecan do it. Reuters reports (via CNet) that Xingtone software converts MP3 files onto wireless phones, which would take the current ring-tone phenomenon one step beyond providing the robotic sounding renditions of tunes currently playing on phones. So far, the service is available only for Sprint PCS phones. Hey guys what about T-Mobile, which in opinion has the best phones on the market.

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