Unemployment is hip


Well now that there is much to write about the good times in technology, media, music and publishing, so everyone is writing about how miserable things are these days. Salon.com is featuring, “Fuckthatjob.com, currently making the rounds of the unemployed, provides a good window onto the dismal reality of the current tech job market. If one needed any proof, the jobs on the site — as well as interviews with several people now looking for work — indicate that we’re now in an employer-dominated labor market. Employers will ask for the world from their employees, and often they’ll come close to getting it, and for very little money,” writes the online magazine, which itself is on thin ice as well. elsewhere, New York magazine writes about, the “Generation Hexed,” and describes them as “qualified, even overqualified, talented. And theyøçve been laid offø¾some three or four times.” Most members of the Generation Hexed wonder, if “if the jobs they moved to the city for have disappeared forever.”

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