AOP UK on OPA Europe’s Launch

This is what Alex Daley, head of AOP e-mailed me about the launch of OPA Europe: “AOP is fully
supportive of a European association that has common aims to ours.
AOP has been aware of the creation of OPA Europe since the first whispers
began last summer. Several of our members attended the meetings in France
to better understand the possible benefits and likely structure of a
European OPA. I believe that we all recognise the potential benefits and
attractions of such an organisation. However, we also recognise that our
primary business objectives lie within the UK and that through UK AOP we
already have an organisation that can enable rapid progress for all its
members. I suspect that in the longer term there is a good chance that UK
AOP will develop very strong connections with the European OPA, but in the
shorter term members believe that their ambitions and needs are better
served via the well-established and supported UK-orientated AOP.”

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