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Synacor to Re-sell Online Multi-Media

Synacor to Re-sell Online Multi-Media Premium Services: This is a major move: Synacor, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology firm, has emerged from under the radar to announce deals that would enable small and mid-size ISPs to offer premium online content, just like RealNetworks or Yahoo. It has negotiated distribution licenses with the interactive divisions of two entertainment giants — Walt Disney and FoxSports — to resell premium online service like Disney Blast or ESPN Insider to second-tier Internet providers. The company is also looking for new capital to fund its expansion.

The company provides the back-end technology that plugs into an existing Internet provider’s network and manages customer registration, rights management, billing and other complexities of operating the service. The customer sees none of the complexity. They log in once, and receive a single bill from their cable provider.

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