Online Artist Fan Clubs Research


Online Artist Fan Clubs Research Survey: LP Visions, a marketing consultancy, did a survey of the music artists’ official online fan clubs, and came up with some interesting results on the kind of subscription services these artists offered. The only downside: the sample size was a bit too small and some of the more interesting questions had very low response rates.

Anyway, as the research results say “CD revenues continue to decline and artists rely more heavily on touring income for their livelihood, we can expect to see continued growth of online subscription/fan clubs, with their promised access to
early tickets, meet-and-greets, travel opportunities, etc.” Case in point: Yahoo just launched its own fan club section, with the first artist being Eagles (with a subscription fee of $60 per year).

An interesting finding: most online clubs don’t have a lot of artist involvement, something which I am sure will change a year or two down the line.

Despite the shortcomings, all in all an interesting study. Download the results PDF (250 KB, 14 pages).

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