The Vitriol Against Salon: An


The Vitriol Against Salon: An interesting bunch of letters sent to, in wake of its supposed imminent demise…”Salon — and I — take all these attacks in stride. As Ishmael Reed observed, “writin’ is fightin’.” When you publish a rambunctiously independent daily in a time marked by conservative backlash and martial fever, you’re bound to make some enemies.”

Also see, “’s Struggle to Succeed Plays Out in Unsightly Detail“, a story in LAT about the dispropotionate amount of media attention the site of its size gets, as well of the downsides of being public. “Salon has turned out to be, as the earliest critics of its IPO maintained, particularly unsuited to the public markets…It’s as if Salon has come around, in the end, to the very financing model followed by similarly idiosyncratic print magazines: Find a well-heeled backer who will keep the operation going as an expression of noblesse oblige, as Martin Peretz does the New Republic and David Bradley does the Atlantic.”

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