SMS equals digital disobidence


World Cup Cricket 2003 is in full swing in South Africa. Sure this is an event which does not get headlines like the SuperBowl or the Major League Baseball, but when it comes to viewership, more than 1.75 billion people tune into the games. In India where Cricket is only second to religion, the winning, or these days losing habits of Indian Cricket team are subject of much emotion. More recently the team slumped and was dismissed with the literal flick of the wrist by Australia. Which resulted in a a huge backlash against the players in the country. The biggest campaign, Ala Mahatma Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement, came courtesy of cellular phones. Lets call it digital disobedience. In an SMS campaign started by some irate fans, this message was sent all over the country: “Please boycott all products plugged by the Men in Blue’. He wants to show the players the message.” (Indian Cricket team dons blue outfits on the playing field.) I guess this is yet another example of Smart Mobs mentality as per Howard Reingold. The SMS campaign was so story that India’s leading cricket player and arguably the best batsman in the world, Sachin Tendulkar had to plead with fans to ease off a wee bit. This morning, India comprehensively beat Zimbabwe 255-7 to 172 all-out. All hail to the might SMS!

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