Wmode’s Wireless Content Clearinghouse Service


Wmode’s Wireless Content Clearinghouse Service Ties Up With MobileWebSurf: Wmode, the creator of ClearMode, the wireless clearinghouse serving the worldwide mobile commerce market, have selected MobileWebSurf, a provider of automatic content transformation, delivery and management servers to increase availability of premium content for mobile operators worldwide.

“ClearMode provides a real-time, secure and effective method for managing subscriptions to premium content. When a user chooses to download content or an application or subscribe to a service, ClearMode authenticates the user and validates the transaction at the point of purchase. ClearMode creates transaction records, which are sent to the carrier for inclusion on the purchaser’s phone bill, the “Bill-To-Phone” payment model, as well as settlement records that identify the revenue split between the carrier and the content provider.”

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