Cabin Fever grips manhattan


So one upside of the massive Blizzard of 2003 – I have finally figured it out that day time television sucks, and so do the big four network channels, I spent the entire day watching coverage of the big blizzard which has blanketed the entire eastern seafront in a few feets of snow. It was quite a sight from my apartment high up in Battery Park City. For starters I could not see New Jersey – which actually is a good thing. But the storm was so fierce that i could hear the snow hitting the windows and making threatening sounds. It was a brutal time – perhaps worse than the Blizzard of 1996. (I was here for that one as well and all i remember is that the clean took weeks not days as our Mayor is predicting this time around.) It seems that we missed the new snow-record by an inch! With little chance to go out and do something constructive, I am feeling a wee bit of cabin fever.

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