P800: the new icon of snobbery


For a while there, the world was divided into two kinds of people – people with IPODs and those well stuck in the PC hell. I called the knowing nod of two Ipod owners (it couldn’t just be looks) “Ipoddery.” Well since Jobs & Company have sacrificed the cool appeal of IPOD in favor of profits, many of us have been looking for a new icon of ultimate cool. And I think the new “it” gadget of the moment is P800 multimedia phone from Sony Ericsson. According to The New York Post, ” James Bond used it in “Die Another Day.” Steven Tyler, Cher, Kelly Ripa and Cynthia Nixon have all requested one. Some of Puffy Combs’ VIP guests are getting one in their gift bags at his Sean John fashion show.” Well since rest of the world is waiting for it, i am assuming it is cool. I own one, I bought one for $800 from my post millenium candyman – after all who needs drugs when you can buy cellphones. It is good, not great. The gadget freaks amongst us would love it, I am however ready to say goodbye to it. Guess I am not cool enough!

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