Bloomberg Integrates Multi-Media Within its


Bloomberg Integrates Multi-Media Within its Professional Service: This may be a precursor to Bloomberg stopping its free (or begin charging for) TV and radio feed on its website The comany has integrated Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio and other multi-media stories within its professional terminal service.

This is what David Wachtel, publisher of Bloomberg Media, said in an interview with me (free registration required) back in May last year:

Q: Bloomberg TV is streamed free and live over the website, which is contrary to how other sites/companies have gone over the last year or so. Do you see any issues there?

A: That is something we are looking at right now, for the same reasons other sites have looked at it–it is very costly to do. As a relatively new entrant in the market, it is very hard to get TV distribution, so our feeling has been that [the stream] is an important way for people to get to know us and understand our TV product. As our TV distribution grows, that’s less of an issue. And as people continue to use it more and more, we will take a hard look at that.

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