More dirt on TiVO


From, in case anyone missed it: ‘TiVo has stepped up its efforts to license its technology in recent months. Sony and Toshiba have both licensed TiVo’s technology. However, Sony’s agreement has resulted in a DVR only in Japan–called MyCast–and Toshiba’s arrangement is only aimed at allowing the company to incorporate TiVo patents into its processors, rather than build a complete DVR device.” I also wanted to bring to your attention the fact that TiVO president Morgan Guenther quit on January 21, 2003. That’s not a good sign. Also check out this report from Mckinsey Quarterly on The geniuses at Mckinsey who gave us all sorts of great companies like Enron are now discussing how TiVo will change the marketing landscape. The big problem with all these people who are talking about TiVO and Madison Avenue – well guys the reason many of us pay $299 for lifetime membership is because we are sick and tired of watching boring and stupid commercials. (unless of course it invloves beer or two women duking it out over the quality of beer.) TiVo or infact any other company which tries to force feed advertisments down the throat is going to meet with a padlocked wallet.

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