TiVO madness sweeps the media business


I am surprised how much INK TiVo is getting these days, especially if your consider that this is a company which is skating on financial thin ice. What could be the explanation? I think a lot of journos got TiVO as a gift this Christmas! Think about it – it is on TechTV all the time; then there was this article in Wired Magazine and now Folio magazine – which is a trade book about the media book – is getting in on the action. In his article, Michael Learmonth believes that TiVO and PVR craze is going to cause a major rethink in the ad-spend. He reports that Madison Avenue is rethinking its strategy. My take – TiVo great brand, brilliant concept and of course a company going head first into the ground. In case you have forgotten, the last time media went bonkers about a company like this, it ended up in bankruptcy courts. Yes I am talking about Napster!

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