Blogging Network Moving Along Slowly

Blogging Network Moving Along Slowly But Steadily: Blogging Network, an online network of subscription weblogs, is chugging along, as revenues grow slowly. On the website, the revenue contributions available to writers stands at a low $1,419.56. But according to an update by founder Mihail Lari:

We doubled our subscriber base this month and are attracting a whole range of bloggers including professional journalists and authors.

We now have up to $6,000 (and growing) available to writers over the next 12 months.

We’ve had 6,000 posts since the soft launch a few months ago.

We’ve grown primarily via word-of-mouth and more recently via advertising campaigns on specialty sites and search engines.

For more on the launch on Blogging Network, see my earlier story, “Read My Weblog, Feed My Weblog“.

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