More on’s New Premium


More on’s New Premium Plan: This is Salon’s new “new deal”: Starting today, you can gain access to Salon in either of two ways: You can pay our low subscription price (as little as 5 cents a day) or you can click through a multiple-screen advertisement.

“We believe this is a simple and fair system. It’s a good deal for readers because it gives you a choice. It’s a good deal for advertisers because if they’re paying for readers’ entry into Salon, they should be assured that their ads will actually be seen. And it’s a good deal for Salon, because it will bring in new revenue and ensure that we keep publishing well into the future.”’s editor’s view: “The truth is that free, professional journalistic content, content created by people who get paid for it, only makes sense if you’re selling something else — subscriptions to a print magazine, say.”

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