Sony?s New Day: If you

Sony?s New Day: If you read one story for today, read this. Stephen Levy does a story on how Sony is trying to re-invent itself for the digital, always-on age. The strategy hinges on yes, that word convergence, but this seems to be a more truer version of how it should be. Here’s an analogy: Sony sits ups and says: “Ok, here’s the digital age, here’s what consumers are moving towards, we have the technology, the brand and the content to make it happen. Let’s plan and develop for it before we become redundant.” Contrast this with AOL TW’s vision of convergence: “We have so much content. What the fuck do we do with it?”

Anyway, Sony’s plans: “Sony will create not only network-connected products but also devise services that deliver the content?much of which Sony owns through its own music, movie and game divisions. (The early models for this include the wildly popular online game called EverQuest and an interactive television guide.)”