FirstGate Internet Launches Its Content Commerce Solution in U.S.


This is exciting, and could perhaps lead the way for the much vaunted concept of an online content clearinghouse. FirstGate, the German content commerce and micropayments company, has expanded its business to U.S. The company’s core activities are the development and commercialization of its one-click micropayment system, “click&buy”. Think of it as being the content commerce solution similar to’s one-click buying, at least in intent.

The click&buy technology has been successful in Germany and was licensed to BT in UK, which launched BTclick&buy last year. In UK, the service has been gaining steam and BTclick&buy was named as one of the top online media companies to watch in 2003, by NewMediaAge magazine. The BT service is as close to the content clearinghouse concept as you can get.

The company’s technology is not just micropayment based; it also enables subscriptions, time based passes and gift/trial subscriptions for all kinds of media: text, audio, video, and online gaming, among others.

The company has signed on ePaymentsNews as its first North American customer: read the earlier story about EPN launching a time-based subscription site.

By the way, Clickshare has a similar single sign-on technology, but has mainly been involved with newspapers.

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