AOL Saga: Microsoft wins again, for no reason


So now with AOL’s Steve Case gone here are my predictions of what is going to happen:

  • AOL Time Warner would become Time Warner
  • Netscape Division which is hardly making any money is going to be shut down.
  • Suddenly AOL will be default software for RoadRunner, and a broadband super power.
  • Internet Explorer will be the default browser at AOL.
  • Mozilla will have another setback, (after KHTML/Safari)
  • Microsoft will finally win the access wars – just like it won the brower and desktop wars – its competitor AOL will shoot itself in the foot as the tight-wads from Sixth Avenue slowly kill the company in their attempt to make it a cable-content play. Well that is a while another story.
  • My View: Bill Gates is not only smart, his rivals are stupid.

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