There, Here, Everywhere (Word file):

There, Here, Everywhere (Word file): There, the incredibly hyped developer of an immersive 3D online gaming environments (simultaneous launch stories in WSJ, NYT, SJ Mercury News, Hollywood Reporter, CNET and tons of others), has raised $11 million in angel funding. From an angel funding viewpoint, that’s a lot of money in this environment. And consider the blue-chip group of these investors: 3DO CEO Trip Hawkins; CNET founders Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie; DoubleClick CEO Kevin Ryan; and Wired magazine co-founders Jane Metcalfe and Louis Rosetto. Similar to the recently released online rol-playing game “The Sims Online,” There allows users to create their
own avatar and build and decorate their virtual houses with virtual
currency called Therebucks.

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