Is Yahoo the Sleeper Content


Is Yahoo the Sleeper Content Clearinghouse? Well, it can be. The title is up for grabs…it could be’s as well. Yahoo is re-launching its digital book store, with technology and other services provided by Cleveland-based Overdrive. The Yahoo! Shopping Digital Book store will open with more than 40,000 digital products and downloads, including e-books, digital magazines, audio books, and other premium content.

OverDrive will supply the e-commerce, DRM technology, and digital inventory from more than 300 publishers and media suppliers. Titles available from the platform will include e-books from Random House, HarperCollins, Time Warner Book Group, McGraw-Hill, and Simon and Schuster, among others. Buyers will be able to purchase content in a variety of digital formats including Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Palm Digital Media, and Windows Media Player. The store will also sell subscriptions and fulfill digital magazines, periodicals, audio books and video content.

For more details on Overdrive, read the story published in Publishers Weekly.

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