Salon Launches Branded Credit Card:


Salon Launches Branded Credit Card: Salon has launched a branded Visa credit card. The peg: “Keep independent journalism thriving and save 50% on Salon Premium.”

Something is definitely up at Salon: as Ken Layne pointed out earlier, all the external ads are gone, except for NYT’s, which is not really external, since NYT runs a job sub-site on/for Salon. The rumors of a buyout are not true, as far as I know, though I may be wrong. And Salon has stepped up internal e-commerce efforts, hence things like this branded credit card.

(Correction: The card was launched a few months ago, according to Patrick Hurley at Salon, but then, I suppose it wasn’t promoted that well…I would have got one had I known earlier…now of course I am in London)

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