Kaante: a bed of thorns all the way


New York Times is not mincing many words in its review of Kaante:the movie. Apparently the reviewer didn’t like the movie quite very much. “There are a couple of extended, snazzily edited music videos, set in what is apparently Los Angeles’ most fabulous Hindi strip joint, as well as an amazing sequence in which the men, chugging down Johnny Walker Black on the night before the robbery, sing out their dreams and aspirations. Scenes like this make you realize that Bollywood is essentially a nonnarrative art form, in which coherent storytelling plays a distinctly secondary role to the purple pleasures of the moment,” writes the New York daily. Los Angeles Times went a step further – ” “Kaante” isn’t anything to write home about, but then its sleazy, cut-rate look and feel is actually appropriate to the potboiler that it is. When it comes to Bollywood breakthroughs, a far better bet was last May’s “Lagaan,” which paid affectionate homage to the Hindi musical epic with fully drawn characters, a serious underlying theme and a sophisticated style and point of view. In a sense, “Kaante” lives up to its title.”

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