The Streams of 2003: Downloadables

The Streams of 2003: Downloadables and Lunchables: An analysis column in the latest issue of eContent magazine, on the content trends likely to unfold in 2003. “In speaking with several major content providers recently, we uncovered some intriguing new approaches that focus on the ad and pay-to-play revenue: fee-based downloadables and print-on-demand services, cross-platform ad sales, and sponsorships.” Fee-based downloads seem to be a growing trend, according to the story: “There is a good reason why “print this” is one of the most commonly-used functions at a Web site: The Web browser and PC monitor are just about the most uncomfortable medium for reading we have yet invented, other than the cave wall perhaps. Getting one’s content off of the Web, and putting it into a format people are used to paying for (i.e., magazines, pamphlets) is one of the most likely ways publishers can get users to recognize value.”

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