From David Isenberg’s SMART LETTER:: For almost a year Bharti Telecom, India’s second carrier,
has been sending me feelers through third parties about visiting them. Bharti was on the trans-Pacific tour until the Fail Fast Letter (see http://netparadox.com) hit the Internet. The very next day the folks at Bharti decided to “postpone” the isen.com visit. (If it thinks it’s a telco and acts like a telco and avoids dissenting views like a telco . . .) I’m not sure which business unit at Bharti was inviting me. I’m not sure if they knew who they were inviting or what I stand for. They wanted me to do “promotional,” but I only do promotional if I like what I see. They weren’t ready for isen.com. In contrast, when I criticized Cisco directly (in SMART Letter #72, http://isen.com/archives/020611), concerned senior Cisco folks invited me to come tell them more, because they wanted to understand (on the off chance that I *might* be right). NTT (Japan) is trying hard to understand the consequences of the Stupid Network too. And if Bharti ever decides it wants to hear what I have to say, that’ll be a sign of hope. Then I’ll be glad to go tell them and listen to them, and we’ll probably have a good discussion.

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