Market for Paid Online Content

Market for Paid Online Content in the U.S. Grows to $361 million in Q3 2002, According to OPA: Perhaps the worst time to release an industry survey. Anyway, contrast the study below with the recent study by eMarketer, which I covered in detail.

The Online Publishers Association’s study, conducted by comScore, determined that the total market for paid online content in the U.S. grew to $361.4 million for the third quarter, a 14 percent gain over the previous quarter and a 105.3 percent gain over Q3 2001. Through the first three quarters of 2002, U.S. consumer spending for paid online content totaled $975 million, versus only $670 million for the full-year 2001.

The report also found that the number of U.S. consumers paying for online content in Q3 2002 nearly doubled to 14.8 million from 7.9 million in Q3 2001, with more than 1 in 10 online users now paying for some form of content online.

The Personals/Dating category surpassed Business/Investing and Entertainment/Lifestyles content to become the leading paid content category in Q3 2002 with $87 million in revenues, a 387% gain over the same quarter last year.

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