T-Mobile Toast in 2003?


Strategy Analytics thinks that the “debt Loads to force Consolidation with T-Mobile US top of List T-Mobile’s new management will find the pressure to divest non-core assets irresistible. T-Mobile & Cingular will merge to provide Cingular with coverage and spectrum relief and a realistic basis for competition with 2 national CDMA, 2 National GSM and Nextel doing battle.” I beg to differ – I think it will be T-Mobile-AT&T Wireless which will get hitched. I like their other prediction — “Samsung 20 percent profit margins fuel a challenge to Motorola’s #2 market share position. Motorola is vulnerable in volume GSM mid- and entry-level categories. The Connected Youth and Technopreneur (young business professionals) segments will determine winners and losers. Samsung’s strength in mid range GSM categories will enable them to slide popular mid range handsets into entry level segments in 2003 directly impacting a Nokia stronghold and a Motorola weakness.” Amen to that – have you checked out the Samsung phones – they completely rock. Now none of these companies help us Macintosh users get synced-up. ISony-Ericsson-bluetooth phone is our only option. Oh well!

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