Ten Percent of All U.S.

Ten Percent of All U.S. Internet Users to Pay for Content Online in 2002: This according to a new report on the online content market by eMarketer, the “meta-market research” company. eMarketer projects that 15.7 million US consumers will purchase online content–excluding porn and gambling–by the end of 2002, and that the number will rise to 21 million in 2003. This constitutes 10 percent of all US internet users this year, which will rise to 13 percent by next year.

Individual consumers will lay out $3.8 billion worldwide for online content in 2002 and organizations will spend $44 billion, according to the report. These figures match similar ratios seen in B2C vs B2B e-commerce revenues, and add up to nearly $50 billion by the end of this year. In addition, eMarketer estimates adult content will total $400 million and online gambling will total $2.5 billion at the end of 2002.

EMarketer has analyzed recent reports on the sector by Online Publishers Association/comScore, Jupiter, IDC, Forrester, Gartner and others and has collated the data into this report. In addition, it has given its own “median” projections on the sector, so to speak.

The report predicts that the following categories of sites show strong revenue growth potential: Short term (12 months): Consumer Information/Directory; Personals/Dating; Games and Portals. On a longer term (3-5years): Consumer niche sites; Education; Games; and ITV/VoD.

It has also ranked the top 10 subscription sites:


More on the report to come later…and remember, this is where you read it first!

Download extract (Chapter 3) of the report

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