The Face magazine UK features RDB djs

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THE FACE :: Kuldeep Singh’s RDB DJs are the Anglo-Asian community’s answer to So Solid Crew, a nine-man moneymaking multi-functionary hit squad beaming out solid Indian vibes from chilly Bradford to the UK’s urban turban massive and beyond. They haven’t shot anybody, been banged up or broken anyone’s jaw on the way here, but instead they’ve fused, almost uniquely, several hundred years of traditional Sikh folk music with the heaviest bass, crispest snares and hypest MC rhymes British music has to offer.

This year alone they’ve sold 100,000 copies of their five albums – available mainly on cassette and independently of HMV, Virgin or Asda , rocked roughly 200-odd parties across the UK and the rest of the world, and got the collective ass of ‘colourful brown people’ (© Kuly Singh) shaking like Asian Dub Foundation or Talvin Singh had ever been invented.

The article in not online but RDB djs have a link on their website – check it out

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Lynn Car

My son is the designer of THE PIMP watches and his watch “Trip the Light Fantastic” was reviewed in a recent issue of “THE FACE”. I live in a small Canadian town and have not been able to locate your magazine. I would love to be able to read the review, is it possible to email the review to me at the above email address?
Lynn C

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