Rishi Mehta Makes Main Stream Debut: The Emperor’s club


Hitting theaters across North America on November 22 is the new Kevin Kline film THE EMPEROR’S CLUB which features a prominent and positive role for a young Indian-American. Released by Universal Pictures, THE EMPEROR’S CLUB is a compelling story of a boys prep school teacher who makes extraordinary differences in the lives of his students. Oscar winner Kline plays the professor while Rishi Mehta plays his star pupil.

The film is directed by Michael Hoffman who previously directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and One Fine Day. With so many stereotypical roles for Indians coming out of Hollywood, it is refreshing and exciting to see a desi face in a positive role throughout a major studio picture. Mehta’s character Deepak is just one of the guys and plays a pivotal role in the overall story. Born and raised in New Jersey, Mehta acted in his younger years and starred as the youngest brother in the play East is East in New York City in 1999. He currently is studying medicine at New York University while also juggling his acting career.

THE EMPEROR’S CLUB marks his feature film debut and South Asians are encouraged to go out and see the film in theaters to show support for positive images of our people. Kline, Mehta, and the whole cast give stellar performances and the story is solid and intriguing as well. The film also features appearances by Rahul Khanna and AMERICAN DESI star Purva Bedi. THE EMPEROR’S CLUB opened nationwide on November 22. Check your local listings for showtimes and go support Rishi, a young actor we’ll surely be seeing more of in the years ahead!

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