Try Premium for Free,


Try Premium for Free, Courtesy Mercedes Benz: In essence, a user sponsorship, and you’ll see more and more of this in the future. is giving sops to pople who have been considering subscribing to its premium version, but have been fence sitters till now: “For a limited time, the folks at Mercedes-Benz will essentially pick up the tab for you. Consider it a Salon Premium test drive of sorts. You can access Salon Premium for the day and all you’ll be asked to do in return is interact with a few screens featuring the new Mercedes E-Class luxury sedan.” Better than some other marketing promos trying to entice users with the first paragraph of the story…

Menawhile, as Anne Holland points out on ContentBiz, a similarly unusual co-op marketing campaign is now being promoted by and Oracle. The $69 tab for the yearly subscription is being picked up by Oracle. The only thing a user has to do to “get this site subscription is click on the link and hand over her email address with permission to be added to Oracle’s email list.”

“This is a very clever way for TheEconomist to get some sponsor dollars by in effect offering a co-reg,” writes Holland. “It’s something other subscription sites might consider – as long as your universe is big enough that you are not scared silly of cannibalization.”

So in effect, the concept of “qualified subscribers/controlled subscription” has now being borrowed from trade magazines…

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