Movielink ready to roll: Movielink,


Movielink ready to roll: Movielink, a joint venture between 5 major movie studios, will launch on Monday after two years of development (must have been all the lawyers involved). Despite the launch, two main questions still have to be answered: will the courts rule that the studios can”t do it (with Intertainer suing the major studios), and will consumers sign up in any volume to support the service. Only time will tell, but given the download time an average consumer will have to endure, the fact most people don’t sit down to watch a movie on their computer, and the trouble audio sites like Pressplay have in signing up customers, don’t hold your breath. On the other hand, while downloading audio via Kazaa is easy, movies are more challenging – so there might be a niche, but it’s likely to be a small one. Things will start to change as the computer moves into the living room. Either way, this is one to watch: can Hollywood leverage its content to make money on the internet while avoiding being Napstered?

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