British Newspaper The Sun Launches


British Newspaper The Sun Launches SMS Dieting Service: This one has to take the prize for sheer innovation, and maybe U.S. newspapers could learn something from it. Of course, only after services like SMS become an everyday reality there.

Called “Sun Diet Tips”, the SMS service from the tabloid is backed by downloadable diet plans from its website.

The SMS service, operated via premium-rate telephone specialist Broadsystem,
offers a daily diet tip at 11am, “when people may be reaching for the mid-morning biscuits”, according to The Sun. The diet plans, which feature recipes and hints on healthy eating and exercise, cost £1, and are charged to the user’s mobile phone bill. Dieters can receive further tips from the paper’s slimming editor, Sally Ann Voak, at other moments of weakness throughout the day. Each message costs the recipient 25p.

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