Terra Lycos’ Paying Subscribers Now


Terra Lycos’ Paying Subscribers Now Contribute 11 Percent of Revenues: Even as the Spanish portal widened its quarterly loss and missed its revenue estimates, its revenue from paying subscribers (for services other than access) represented 11 percent (18.6 million euros) of total revenues (169 million euros) this quarter. In September 2002, Terra Lycos had a total of 2.5 million paying customers for access, communications and portal services, an increase of 12 percent over the previous quarter.

“Communications services and portal subscriptions thus continue to contribute to the diversification of Terra Lycos’ sources of revenue…[A] for-pay e-mail service was launched in Brazil, which offers the protection of anti-virus and anti-spam filters and already has nearly 100,000 customers. Similarly, for personal pages, functionality was improved on products such as Domains, Tripod and Angelfire to meet customer needs. In addition, the enterprise version of Hosted Site Search was also launched.”

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