Green Bay Press-Gazette Launches Subscription Packers Website


A bit late on this one, but worth mentioning since this is perhaps the way for newspapers to go. Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Gannett newspaper in Wisconsin, has debuted a subscription sports site for NFL’s Green Bay Packers. Called “Packers Premium“, the site/service is priced $29.95 yearly or $4.95 a month, and subscribers get to access to exclusive columns by Coach Mike Sherman, video of players and play diagrams, and pre-game and post-game analysis.

The subscription, authentication and transaction billing for the site is handled by Clickshare, a Williamstown-M.A.-based Internet transaction infrastructure company. Clickshare has a single sign-on, multi-site authentication platform that it has been trying to push as a solution for the newspaper industry. Both and offered NFL newsletters for the Cowboys and Broncos in their 2001-2002 seasons, using Clickshare’s technology. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune launched its premium NFL Vikings website last month through Clickshare.

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