ContentBiz Delays Plans to Launch


ContentBiz Delays Plans to Launch a Subscription Site: This one comes as a personal disappointment to me–there is nobody more qualified to run a subscription site than the irrepressable Anne Holland. Her company/site ContentBiz has indefinitely postponed its plans to launch a subscription version.

The subscription site was supposed to be launched in the fourth quarter this year, but according to Holland, the plan was delayed as the board advised on sticking to the basics and riding out the downturn. “Our own Advisory Board told me very strictly during our end-of-third-quarter meeting recently, ‘Stop reinvesting in the company for a bit. Don’t spend the money you planned to launch new things. Hold off. Put more funds into savings. Ride this thing out.’ Which, for a fairly aggressive spend-in-a-down- economy-to-consolidate-your-position Board was unusual to say the least.”

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