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Is Destined to Become the Big Subscription Clearinghouse? has just launched an online magazine/newspaper/newsletter clearinghouse–the effort is geared towards print publications, with about 50,000 publications on offer. The store may, in the future, become a big online newsletter/electronic edition clearinghouse as well, even though the company has not indicated anything to the effect. Especially when you consider the fact that’s payment system is one-click, at least in theory–the ease of subscription eliminates user churn or initial trial, the hurdles which have stunted the growth of micropayments industry for a long time now.

Other companies/services such as are also primed to become such digital/audio clearinghouses, even though Audible is perpetually plagued with a low profile, stock price troubles and liquidity pressures. Interestingly, owns a stake (or at least invested some money) in Audible.