Spotty Recovery Underway in the


Spotty Recovery Underway in the Information Content Industry: Slightly late in noticing this one, but an important study to mention. According to information services research firm Outsell, the recovery for the “Information Content” market–which includes companies such as DoubleClick, Forrester, Gartner, Yahoo, MarketWatch, Pearson, and, among others–has been mixed. Of the 60 companies monitored by Outsell, seven companies turned losses into profits in Q2, while revenues on the whole increased 5.1 percent.

“Adjusting the industry growth for M&A activity, the core revenue for the Outsell 60 grew by 3.3 percent. That’s not a strong recovery, nor does it reach the Outsell 60 long-term trend growth prediction, but it does put the companies in the industry back on a growth track.”

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