NYTimes.com to Charge International Users?:

NYTimes.com to Charge International Users?: With IHT being bought out by NYT, what’s the future of IHT.com? This story in NY Observer does not directly comment on IHT.com’s status but indicates that NYTimes.com may begin charging international visitors to its website, though domestic Times readers could still read the online edition for free. But it wouldn’t be too surprising if IHT.com is completely integrated within NYTimes.com’s international edition. Another interesting development to watch will be the technology NYTimes.com will be using to delineate visitors by location (geo-targeting, anyone?): of course NYTimes.com has geographical data on its registered visitors and may very well use that as a base, but fraudulent or incomplete registrations would definitely pose a problem. Asking for credit card information would be a transactional nightmare on an international level, and developing a country-specific infrastructure would again be a huge drain on resources. Of course, all of this is mere conjecture at this point

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