Media Unspun Launches Paid Weblog:

Media Unspun Launches Paid Weblog: Media Unspun, the new avatar of Industry Standard-owned Media Grok, has launched a new subscribers-only weblog which will let “the newsletter’s readers and writers argue and conspire”, according to an e-mail notice. Anyone can read it, but you have to be a paid subscriber if you want to be part of the conversation. Media Unspun comes out as a daily paid newsletter, and costs $50 a year for subscription. The weblog access comes as part of the newsletter subscription. For more details on the weblog, go to the subscription page.

From what I have heard, Media Unspun is having troubles attracting new subscribers to the newsletter, beyond the loyal Media Grok crowd. The weblog is an attempt to expand the subscriber crowd beyond that, getting the “community” to chime in.