Lessons in Paid Content, From


Lessons in Paid Content, From NYTimes.com: Part one of the lessons NYTimes.com has learned from its subscription offerings of archives and crosswords. Perhaps the first time any publication has examined NYTimes.com’s paid content offerings in this detail.

“Digital sales for the first six months of 2002 are solidly up to almost a million ($960,000) indicating that they could hit $2 million this year. It’s a number to be proud of, but not so enormous that the NYTimes.com team expects it to scale to anything astronomical anytime soon.”

Anne Holand of ContentBiz also writes in a separate post on her blog about a reader reaction to the case study: “I would pay a premium to get *high- quality* content with no ads. Not that hardcopy publishers have the option, since it would be impossible to print two editions. But online? I raised this question with the Wall Street Journal, to which I subscribe to the online edition only ($60/year, as I recall). I said I would pay $250 if I could get the online version without the ads. I’m still waiting.”

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