UUNet Vs AT&T :: It is he said, she said


Light Reading :: The war of words and research building between WorldCom Inc. and AT&T Corp. just got hotter. In an interview with Light Reading today, Vinton Cerf, WorldCom’s senior vice president of Internet architecture and technology, spoke out about AT&T’s claims. “They’resuffering from network envy and wishful thinking,” Cerf said. “I think AT&T has a real phas a real problem.¾ Oh No Mr. Serf, let me tell you who has a problem – WorldCom – you conheads have stolen so much money and lied and cheated everyone that the company is bankrupt. It was one of your chief executives who claimed that the Internet traffic doubled every three months. In hindsight we know he was lying. And so were others – as the song goes, don’t believe the hype.

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