British Firm OD2 Launches New

British Firm OD2 Launches New Version of Subscription Music Service Using Credit System: On Demand Distribution (OD2), a British technology firm co-founded by recording artist Peter Gabriel, has launched a new version of its digital music software, WedAudioNet. Online music retailers Tiscali, Ministry of Sound, MSN and Freeserve are all going live with Version 2 today.

For a monthly fee of £4.99, users can stream, download, burn and transfer tracks. Each subscriber is given 500 credits a month, which they can spend as they choose:

–streaming a track (=1 credit)

–downloading a track on a monthly rental basis (=10 credits)

–buying the track to keep and burn to CD (=100 credits)

In using this credit system, the music service is borrowing a concept from online dating services, which have been using a credit system for a while now. For example, see this version of credit system in use by Lavalife, the online dating site.

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