Is Planning a Print

Is Planning a Print Magazine?: A new pop-up user survey on indicates that it is may be planning to launch a quarterly print magazine, featuring its best articles over the preceding months. Another question indicates that it may consider trying different lower pricing schemes for its Salon Premium subscription service. Currently, the premium service costs $30 a year. The survey question indicates it may be cut that into half or higher if users would be willing to take banner and pop-up ads: “Would you be interested in subscribing to Salon Premium at a lower annual cost if it still granted you access to exclusive Salon articles and other premium benefits but you were still exposed to banner ads and pop-ups?”

Another question asks about bundling the proposed magazine and online subscription: “If we were to bundle in a free annual subscription to the quarterly Salon print magazine mentioned above as part of a $30 annual Salon Premium subscription would you be likely to subscribe?”

A print version of Salon has been in speculation for a long time now, as other content players such as, and others experimented with taking their online brands into print. Yet for all the hype, none of the web brands have really transitioned offline in any significant way. For obvious reasons, of course. But then, may become a breakout hit among the younger New Yorker reader set, for all you know: a more pop-culturish sensibility, a neo-George magazine, if you will.

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