Will Exclusive Entertainment Content be

Will Exclusive Entertainment Content be AOL’s Savior: America Online is going back to its original startegy: Borrowing a page from the broadcast TV model, AOL executives are returning to the idea that offering exclusive content–whether acquired by third parties or created in-house–will give people a reason to join and stay on, and hopefully AOL will be able to charge subscription/premium fee for that kind of content, according to this story.

“As with subscription cable channel HBO, people might be willing to open their wallets for content they can’t find anywhere else. This strategy could put it up against RealNetworks, whose RealOne SuperPass service has attracted 750,000 subscribers paying $9.95 a month to watch news clips from CNN and ABC or listen to Major League Baseball games. Like cable companies, RealNetworks wants to sell a basic subscription service with added premium channels, including, possibly, an adult channel.”

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