Infogate’s Push Technology, Albeit With A Twist

In the last few months, Infogate, the company that acquired the Pointcast technology, has signed up a string of media companies that see push as a way of generating subscription revenue. Among them, CNN and USA Today. CNN Newswatch costs $5.95 a month or $59.95 a year, while USA Today NewsTracker service costs $4.95 a month or $39.95 a year.

“Unlike Pointcast, the Infogate service does not cause customers’ systems to crash repeatedly, said Clifford T. Boro, the chief executive at Infogate. Infogate does not have the same huge bandwidth requirements nor is it as disruptive. In fact, Mr. Boro is trying to distance Infogate from the buzzword: Rather than push, he said, “we’re calling it `proactive’ ” because ” `push’ was obnoxious.”

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