Grubman’s Secret Gang


New York Times :: Grubman was by no means alone in pumping up the telecom bubble. He had much help from his colleagues in Salomon’s investment banking group. So far, these people have escaped much attention. Some have departed Salomon for other firms, but all made enormous money helping to finance the sector, perhaps even bigger money than Mr. Grubman pocketed. They were the guys behind the curtain while Mr. Grubman was taking his bows. These bankers include Tony Whittemore and David Diwik, who left Salomon for Deutsche Bank in November 2000, and Tom Jones and Christopher Lawrence, former Salomon bankers now at Credit Suisse First Boston. Others still at Salomon are John Otto, Steve Winningham, Eduardo Mestre and Thomas King. Mr. Mestre, Mr. King and Mr. Whittemore were among those cementing the WorldCom relationship at the bank.

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