RealNetworks Denies Planning for Adult

RealNetworks Denies Planning for Adult Content: This one went down the drain faster than you could say cheese. RealNetworks has denied that it is mulling to start an adult subscription channel in its multimedia subscription service RealOne. This follows a story yesterday in CNET (see below).

Scott Ehrlich, VP for Media Acquisition and Distribution, conceded many adult entertainment Webcasters use Real’s technology to encode and deliver video, live chat and slide shows. “We have looked at distributing adult material,” he told “But there are no plans to do so now.”

“But Ehrlich said one of the reasons Real may not get into the adult business is that high-profile content partners, including Walt Disney, Major League Baseball and NASCAR, would be uncomfortable. Developing a content subscription business is a tough job, he said, and while adult entertainment could boost the bottom-line today, the long-term effect could be negative.”

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