NBCi Founder Sees Digital Payment

NBCi Founder Sees Digital Payment Future for Yaga.com: Chris Kitze, who co-founded the doomed NBCi, is now backing two start-ups in fields where many have tried and failed. Among them, online bill payment company Yaga.com.

Ideally, Yaga would love to handle billing for big customers that send out digital content, but the reality is that even medium-sized companies, like RealNetworks, prefer to own their solution. Yaga is going after publishing companies that have already sold articles one at a time online. He’s already signed a major magazine, he said. According to Kitze, this magazine generated about $1 million last year from consumers who paid anywhere between $1.95 to $50 for an article or subscription, he said. Yaga would like to run the billing for this company and charge 6 to 7 percent of the $1 million for that service.

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